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Pulp Corner: Zorro – Volume 1: Year One – Trail Of The Fox

Zorro always seemed to be one of those characters that just existed. As long as I could remember he was a part of my pop culture subconscious yet I can’t recall ever watching or reading a single thing with him in it. When I finally decided to investigate it was with the popular 1940 The Mark Of Zorro movie with Tyrone Power, while a fine film it started with Don Diego Vega as an adult donning the costume and his first night out as Zorro. What happened prior to this? Looking for more answers I ordered a trade with author Matt Wagner’s first 8 issues of Zorro for Dynamite Entertainment, dubbed Year One: Trail Of The Fox.


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Pulp Corner: The Mark Of Zorro (1940)


The Mark of Zorro was the movie Bruce Wayne’s parents saw the night they were murdered. I figured if it was good enough for them to watch, it was good enough for me. Zorro is one of those classic pulp heroes that I’m completely familiar with despite not having seen a single movie or reading a comic, novel etc. All things considered that’s pretty impressive and speaks volumes of his reputation. I would wager in most average households people are more familiar with (at least) the image of Zorro over the genre’s staple, The Shadow. The 1940 version of this movie is widely considered the best film interpretation of his legend, so I decided to start with it.

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Pulp Corner: The Art Of Francesco Francavilla

Artist and writer Francesco Francavilla is no stranger to the pulp genre having done cover art for some of the most prominent and recognizable pulp creations of all time. We’re talking Zorro, Green Hornet, The Shadow, Lone Ranger and The Spider. Not to mention he’s currently writing and drawing his own pulp flavored comic, The Black Beetle. As one of comic’s leading artist of the genre we thought it would only be appropriate to showcase some of his masterful cover art in today’s edition of the Pulp Corner.


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