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Snack Time With The Evil Geeks

Lunchboxes were a rite of passage growing up and the Evil Geeks got together to discuss their most memorable. Many heated debates were spurred over these around the lunch table, so don’t forget to weigh in and tell us what yours was.

Biff Tannen Nintendo-Power-Lunch-Box

I loved this fucking thing. It’s the only lunchbox I ever remember having. I’m still strangely proud of owning this. Shit, I’ll rep Super Mario 2 until the day I die. Not to mention, you already know my feelings on Zelda 2. So this was a gift from the heavens for me. What’s a little strange is that it’s actually promoting the Super Mario Brothers: Super Show, which I was a big fan of. You know, the one that had a Zelda cartoon on Fridays!? Yet, that’s what Mario and Luigi looked like on the show, but not Link and that insane Hyrulian knight he’s fighting. To top it off too it’s being presented by Nintendo Power in conjunction with some company called Aladdin? That’s all kinds of weird. It seems like they are trying to capitalize on the show without actually saying that that’s what it is. Good move Nintendo, I wouldn’t want to give Viacom and a company named DiC any more money either.

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Pulp Corner: Astor Alexander’s Nintendo Pulp Art

By combining two of my favorite things artist Astor Alexander’s work has zoomed to the top of my holiday wish list. I’m a big fan of the art of the Nintendo era, but I’m enamored with all things film noir and pulp especially the design specifics. So when I stumbled across these three prints it was a slam dunk for me. I really wish these were legitimate books…




You can purchase these as prints here and if you’re interested in following Alexander’s work or seeing more of it, check it out.

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Evil Geeks Archaeology: The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks and the Relics of Hyrule


Excavating relics is a tricky business. When I was a child, I wanted nothing more to be an archaeologist because of the Indiana Jones movies. It took me a long time to be convinced that it wasn’t all finding ancient artifacts and fighting Nazi’s. There’s a lot of research done in libraries and more often than not you were looking for pieces of pottery as opposed to mythic treasure.

I recently uncovered some documents in my house that I had thought were swept up by the sands of time. The documents in questions were photographs. I’m not sure when exactly they were taken, but my best carbon dating would place them around 1990. My father though he carried not a master sword was able to forge Link’s shield for me.


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The Art Of Zelda 2: The Adventure Of Link

I’m a sucker for old school Nintendo art. Chief among them though is the art inside in the instruction booklet for the original Legend Of Zelda game. In a time where video game stories began to evolve a bit often the brief manuals that came with it were tasked with fleshing out the world and giving you a bit of background on the history or the characters. Zelda was a far reaching fantasy epic unlike say the simplicity of River City Ransom’s storyline or Double Dragon.

With the world wide success of the first game Nintendo quickly cashed in with a sequel, the often misunderstood and black sheep of the series Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. I’m not here to praise the game itself today (hell, I’ve already done that) but rather the art that goes with it. Say what you will about the game itself, but the story is richer and deeper than the original and adds a lot to Hyrule mythos. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself. It does what any good sequel does by simultaneously driving the story both forward and backward.

The art retains a similar feel to the original yet a little more exaggerated and cartoonish. Just looking at it puts you into the mindset of a deep fantasy adventure along with that classic NES feeling.



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Four Old School Video Games That Should Be Comic Books

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Archie Comics’ Mega Man but it got me thinking besides a few notable exceptions why aren’t there more comic books based on old school video games? It seems like a strange oversight. Perhaps there’s an issue acquiring the legal rights, but never the less here is a hastily assembled list (with a little help from Arthur Harkness) of those that I feel could transition flawlessly.

1. The Final Fantasy Series 


Even if you only adapted the first 3 U.S. releases in the series you’d still have enough story to make a killer book. There’s a significant lack of high fantasy books on the shelf to begin with, throw in some incredibly iconic looking characters (Black Mage from FF1 anyone?), some cover art by concept designer Yoshitaka Amano and you got yourself a stew/book. The beauty of it is in the first game the plot is pretty basic, but you could incorporate so many more story points while keeping franchise essentials as part of it. The next two games (especially FF3) boast pretty complex storylines that would fit well if it were adapted.

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Nintendo Shows off it’s Stuff at E3 2013!

Hey Gang!


E3 is still going strong and Nintendo dropped a couple bombs on us yesterday!
Let’s take a look see…

Mario Kart 8
Nintendo made an official announcement for the racing classic for the Wii U. The new game introduces a hover kart aspect that automatically turns on in certain stages and also brings back the bikes that were last seen in Mario Kart Wii to go along with the karts. Online play is planned to be pushed in this version and will allow players around the world to compete with one another through the Miiverse! Mario Kart 8 is set to be released for the Wii U in Spring 2014 and you can take a look at the trailer right here…

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