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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: Yu Yu Hakusho


Well if it isn’t you guys again…..Welcome back to another edition of your favorite suggestions! I, of course, am your spiritual guide to the afterlife, and to the awesomely amazing. This week, I have something for you all that I think you are going to love, and hopefully just as much as I loved it. Back when Cartoon Network was all about Anime and before they decided to relegate it to the middle of the night block on Saturdays, they had a pretty solid line up of great Anime shows showing either right after school, or after 11 on Saturdays. Needless to say, Arthur was always a creature of the night, and stayed up late to watch if I didn’t get a chance to do so after school. I got into quite a few different things, much like Gundam and DBZ, and although DBZ took the cake for me, another show wound up stealing my affections and caused me to grow an obsession. That show ladies and gentlemen….was Yu Yu Hakusho.

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