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Pulp Corner: The Spider – Claws Of The Golden Dragon

I couldn’t stay away. After the last time I needed a bit of a breather, but I came back for more of The Spider. I should have known what I was getting myself into.


As the story begins our hero, Richard Wentworth is tipped off that something is afoot in Chinatown. When him and his fiancé Nita go to investigate as civilians the daughter of an old friend, Fu-Chang approaches them to ask for help. Before we know it, she has been killed by a poison blood orchid whose touch causes flowering from inside the lungs. Moments later Wentworth and his lady love are miles below the streets in a series of underground tunnels host to trap doors, false staircases and lined with deadly menaces. There’s one part in particular where the floor beneath them all of a sudden slants in one direction and a heavy controlled wind is blowing them towards a series of spikes in the wall…and that’s only the beginning! It makes me wonder if the author devises a series of problems and traps prior to starting and then writes a story around being able to use them.

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