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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Daenerys Targaryen

Wow, today is it folks. I am so sad to be bringing this month long jaunt of warrior women to a close. But I am lovingly doing it with Deanerys Targaryen, the beloved khaleesi, the mother of dragons. We are after all less than a week away from Season 4 of Game of Thrones, and this woman warrior is my current idol.



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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Turanga Leela

Happy Sunday geeks. Today, our second to last day from the end of our Woman Warrior jaunt, we are featuring Leela from Futurama. You all know from previous posts this month that I love a strong female role, and I love role reversal. In many ways Leela brings us both.


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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Molly Weasley

Hey there dudes and dudettes, we are sadly approaching the end of March and only have a couple more days to bring you our amazing daily female spotlights. Today I am delighted to bring you a woman that I whole heartedly admire. So the “stay at home mom” status is not something I really ever want for myself, but if there was ever a woman I would want to model myself after in that role it would be Molly Weasley. Despite having seven children, six of which are rambunctious boys, Molly Weasley always seems to have everything put together, even if it is a little chaotic, and is one of the most important anchors for the entire Harry Potter series.Harry-Potter-and-the-Deathly-Hallows-Part-2-Molly-Weasley-640x250

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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: She-Hulk

Barreling straight through the fourth wall, She-Hulk has transcended from her roots as a cheap knock-off of a beloved Marvel character to become one of that company’s strongest female characters.


Savage She Hulk 1

And she sure did have a long way to climb…

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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Wonder Woman

I couldn’t resist writing yet another installment of ‘Women’s History Month Warriors’, to acknowledge the fictional woman who inspired my social media handle, and who dons the official “Undies of Wondy” to kick butt. Of course I’m referring to Miss Diana Prince, better known as Wonder Woman.

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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Lagertha

It’s been quite the month of the female variety here at the Evil Lair. No, not in the way you think…you pervs. Women’s History month has been going strong and the Geeks have been trying their best to provide you with a Woman Warrior every day. I know I may have been slacking compared to Lillith, who is a freaking machine, but you should all have known that I would have to do one on my favorite Shield Maiden. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, my future battle wife Lagertha.

lagertha 1

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