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Drawing a Liefeld Woman

Hello again geeks, are you all getting your proper dose of Liefeld this week? Well all this talk about a man I knew little about before my geek brothers opened my eyes to the wonders of Liefeld got me thinking it would be amazing to see more female Liefeld creations (or would it…). Either way, Lilith did some searching on Liefeld women and found this amazing website for you all giving you a step by step tutorial on how to create the very best Liefeld-inspired woman. While the exploding hot dogs are a nice touch, I might have to go with flying dachshunds myself.

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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Zatanna

Greetings Geeks!

Today’s Women’s History Month’s Warrior is none other than DC’s backwards-speaking sorceress Zatanna! Zatanna Zatara first appeared in 1964 in Hawkman and jumped around a few of DC’s biggest books in search for her father, Giovanni Zatara. The search culminated in Justice League of America #51 where she found her father and she then spent the next few years helping out the League on various cases and was elected to full membership in 1978’s Justice League of America #161 and has been a regular fixture in the DCU ever since.
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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Olivia Dunham

Welcome to another installment of our month-long celebration of the most bad-ass women fiction has to offer! Today’s honoree has a story that’s shall we say, multi-dimensional? If you haven’t seen the dearly departed show Fringe (which aired on Fox), please go Netflix it right now and kiss the next 100 hours of your life good-bye as you find yourself tumbling down a sci-fi rabbit hole that you wish would’ve gone on for at least a few more seasons.  I’m probably going to spoil some stuff, so if you haven’t yet watched, then ye be warned of upcoming spoilers.  Olivia’s story is so complex and bizarre, that it’s going to take two days to tell both sides of her tale. Today I’ll be talking about our universe’s version Olivia Dunham and later Arthur will be filling us in on the story of Fauxlivia, the “other side” version of Olivia.

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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Starbuck

I was thinking back to the super speedy way I devoured Battlestar Galactica for all of your reading pleasures earlier this year (and beat Biff in our race to the finish with our missions), and I started thinking about who would be a good role model for all of us women from the show. I realized there really wasn’t anyone that came to mind as perfect. Maybe that is why that show is so attractive in so many ways: the characters are all a little flawed, no one is perfect, but many have admirable qualities we might want to look up to in certain ways. And of all the female characters in the show, Starbuck probably stands out the most as deserving a nod this month as we delve in to female warriors for Women’s History Month. 


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