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Horror of Horrors: Roald Dahl

While probably a quarter of what I read these days is labeled as a “young adult novel”, I hate to admit that I have not picked up a children’s book in quite some time. I remember back in second grade when I first became obsessed with reading, and readily found myself volunteering to read stories to kindergarten students, or taking over the responsibility of reading a bedtime story to my little brother instead of my parents. I am glad that the habit has stuck, and while I might not be a particularly fast reader, I find myself engrossed in various novels many times every week. Thinking back to those grade school years and when I first became an avid reader I can remember one author in particular whose work I found myself strangely addicted to: Roald Dahl. Dahl is afterall quite a bizarre writer, whose novels are classified as children’s stories yet have something sinister, terrifying, and electrifying in their pages that warrants this post being classified a horror of horrors. Read on as Lilith reminisces and pays homage to one of her favorite childhood horror authors the infamous Roald Dahl.


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Villain Spotlight: Willy Wonka Part 2

I promised all of you a sequel to my last Wonka Villain Special, and I keep my promises! I apologize it has taken so long but truth be told I had not actually watched the more modern remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory specifically because I didn’t want it to spoil my endearment for the first film, but I delved in to the film just for all you fans this week. This time around we are going to spotlight Johnny Depp’s version of Willy Wonka.


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Villain Spotlight: Willy Wonka Part 1

Hey there evil geeks, Lilith has hijacked the Villain Spotlight again this week, and guess what- this is only part one! I am sure all my lovely fans are wetting themselves with joy over this news. And this week I bring back a classic character from many of our childhoods. While your dentist might try to convince you that Wonka was an evil, malicious villain for giving everyone so many cavities, I would argue that he does indeed fall in to the category of villain only for many different reasons. And since there are a couple versions of Willy Wonka floating around out there, we are going to start with my personal favorite version: Gene Wilder’s 1971 character.

Don't let the smile fool you kids, this guy is a real sadist...

Don’t let the smile fool you kids, this guy is a real freakshow…

I think a lot of us might think back to our childhood and watching the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with some nostalgia. To this day I am a little saddened when I see a WONKA bar and decide to not try my chance at a golden ticket because of my choice to be vegan. So how could poor Willy Wonka, the owner of the most infamous chocolate factory ever, the man trying to gift out a never before behind the scenes tour of his award-winning chocolate shop, be a villain?! Let’s see by reliving some of our most favorite scenes from this timeless masterpiece. SPOILER ALERT- if for some godforsaken reason you have not yet seen this movie, continue forward with caution if you don’t want any secrets revealed before you do watch it.

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