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TV From The Crypts: Sanctuary (For All)

Hello there my faithful creature-loving followers, I am sure you are already experiencing withdrawal from the weekend for several reasons, but in particular I know you must be salivating in anticipation for another Weekend Creature Comforts post. Although my torture loving self is going to make you agonize and wait until Saturday, this edition of another retired TV show might help you hold over until the end of the week.


My personal creature obsession was overwhelmed by this amazing TV show when I first encountered it. Sanctuary that the SyFy channel was smart enough to invest in for 4 seasons after it debuted online in 2007. The show is about a group of scientists led by Dr. Helen Magnus (played by Amanda Tapping whom I am sure I will be writing about in the future as she is a recurring amazing actress that loves to play science fiction and fantasy roles, and a writer herself). Dr. Magnus has become aware of the world of creatures living amongst us and has founded a group of sanctuaries throughout the world designed to offer safety for any creatures needing it and to preserve and protect those unable to do so themselves from human discovery. Read the rest of this entry

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