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Stand Out at the Deadpool Movie Premiere By Being the Merc Without a Mouth!

imageWhat’s going on, Evil Geeks!?!? We’re just about 1 month away from Deadpool, the first of MANY big comic book movies dropping this year. What better way to get hyped up for Wade Wilson’s big screen debut than to use these next thirty or so days by getting your costume ready for opening night! With a little help from our friends at Wholesale Halloween Costumes, we’re going to show you a sure fire way to stand out from the 500 other Deadpool cosplayers that are bound to show up that night.

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Ride Through The Gates of Your Next Halloween Party Temporarily Shiny and Chrome


Hey there, Evil Geeks. Halloween is just around the corner and let’s face it; the Austin Powers costume you’ve been wearing every year since the 7th grade stopped being funny right around the time we got that whole Y2K thing ironed out. It’s time to elevate your costume game to the next level. You want something that’s going to stand out in a sea of bros wearing Obama or Trump masks. That’s where our friends at Wholesale Halloween Costumes can help you out! Stop wearing lame costumes and learn how to make yourself up like one of the War Boys from Mad Max: Fury Road! Check out this video to learn how. Of course, if you REALLY want to take this costume to its fullest potential, you’re going to have to grab a chainsaw and an arc welder, then start attaching parts of the futon in your parents basement to the hood of an El Camino. Sadly, we don’t have a tutorial video for that. Yet.

Stay shiny, Evil Geeks!


War Boy Tutorial:

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