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Villain Spotlight: Judge Doom


Greetings evil geeks, I have hijacked the Villain Spotlight yet again to bring you one of my all time favorite evil-doers, one that I still reminisce about from childhood. We all have certain shows or movies that we associate with our young days, but for me Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a personal favorite. In fact, as a side note, your favorite demon mother Lilith never really got in to the whole “Disney Princess” thing as a child.  Instead I was running around with a fake whip pretending to be Indy or playing “Batman and Robin” with a young Arthur Harkness and company from middle school on. But the one woman I did look up to and want to be was Jessica Rabbit, which of course led to an awkward explanation from my mother of why I could not be here for Halloween at the age of 8.

Forgive me, I digress, now we return to the character from Who Framed Roger Rabbit that we are placing in the spotlight this week: Judge Doom. Also known as Baron Von Rotten, this diabolical mastermind was one of Christopher Lloyd’s best performances.

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