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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Armoured Bears

For all of my followers stuck in the winter wonderland of the northeast, don’t you wish you were in sunny California with Lilith now? I can’t say I miss snow, but my wolves would prefer the ground have a powdered surface to trod on. So I am going to spend a couple weeks bringing all of my faithful followers from the north some polar monsters. Now I have already done a spotlight from the Planet Hoth, but now we’ll be featuring creatures that enjoy the cold, the darkness, and would love to be causing mayhem in the in the snow laden north as it subsides to the winter. glogster-his-dark-materials-bk1-goldencompmass-jpg

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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Landstriders


In addition to sticking with the Jim Henson theme this week, I am also sticking with the same movie as last week’s creature spotlight. This week we will be exploring landstriders, another Henson wonder that inhabits the world of The Dark Crystal. I really wonder where Henson and his buddies got the idea for these creatures, but they are at once bizarre and amazing. I have had numerous dreams with these creatures in them since I first saw them, as they are at once unique and powerful.

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