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Ep 140 – Prelude to Infinity Con


This November 15th Upstate New York welcomes another pop culture convention with open arms! And this one’s got everything; comics, special guests, an indoor water park. Yeah, you read that correctly: It’s not every day you find a convention under the same roof as an indoor water park, across the street from a Six Flags amusement park, and just down the road from an outlet mall. The whole family’s gonna want to get in on this one. So take a trip to Queensbury, NY next month with the Evil Geeks.

We recently sat down with Infinity Con creator, Steve Duckett to discuss the genesis of the convention as well as what goes into getting an event like this off the ground.

Tickets can be purchased via their website or for more information you can check out The Infinity Con Facebook page.

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Villain Spotlight: Diamond Dallas Page

Ladies and gentlemen…..for the thousands reading this column live, and the millions of people around the world (who should be reading this column right now,) welcome back to the VILLLLAAAIN SPOOOOOOTTTTTLLLIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTTTT!!!! I know you have all missed me this week, and for good reason. I have been sadly absent for the past week, mainly due to hunting of the fiscal nature, and I had given over duties for the Suggestions and Horrors to our newest contributor and horror fan Lillith. She has done an amazing job, and if you haven’t gotten a chance to check her stuff out, do so now. It’s awesome. Praise aside, I must say that it is good to be back in the saddle. Because the Brotherhood is full of champions, and I feel like you deserve a gold winning spotlight this week. Now most of you may not know, but Big Evil, Greekimus and I are old school wrestling fans. Unfortunately I have fallen off the wagon over the past ten years, but I do keep up here and there. I do love some older Monday Night Wars shows though. The old Nitro vs RAW battles that would take place every week were my bread and butter. Not so much anymore, but at least they gave us some awesome characters and even a movie or two. One such movie, which may not peak as high on some of your lists as it does mine, mainly for the sheer goober factor. That movie, is Ready to Rumble, and the source of this week’s spotlight. Put your hands together for the master of the Diamond Cutter, and the despoiler of crowns, Diamond Dallas Page!

ddp 1

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