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Evil Book Report – House of Comarré

Over the last couple years I have been intermittently reading this series, and last month I finished the fifth and final book of the collection. The series deals with a group of supernaturals familiar to all of us. It’s got vampires, shapeshifters, ghosts, and even ninja-like warriors. Some of my favorite characters in the novels are faeries. It was a fun read that I am happy to bring you my review of.


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Evil Geeks Women’s History Month Warriors: Trinity

Do you kids remember when the first Matrix movie came out? I remember being in high school and getting to see the movie on the big screen. There was huge hype about the movie, and almost all of the trailers showed parts of the opening scene: a girl in a black leather trench coat soaring through the air to avoid bullets and using a combination of boots and guns to crush her opponents in to oblivion. What most of us did not know at that time was that Trinity is more than just an ass-kicking, sexy in leather woman. Trinity plays such an important role in the movies and I feel she deserves a spotlight as a woman warrior this month.

Trinity's signature move, the Double Eagle

Trinity’s signature move, the Double Eagle

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