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Horror of Horrors: The Secret of NIMH

We all reminisce over certain childhood favorites, some more popular than others. I think those that were born in the early 80’s all remember The Land Before Time as one of the most epic and moving movies of our childhood, probably because it was the first one many of us ever saw in the theaters. But it’s always interesting to me thinking back to a movie that was animated, or for some reason or another advertised as kid-friendly, yet it partially traumatized or frightened the shit out of you when you were that kid. The movie I am writing about as a horror spotlight today is The Secret of NIMH. I think this movie is still one of the most beautiful and terrifying animated children’s movies I have ever seen, but looking back at it I realize I might have been a little too young for it as a child, seeing as how some of the imagery gave me nightmares for weeks, which is why I am granting it a horror of horrors status.


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