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Villain Spotlight: Commodus Aurelius

Greetings my power-hungry evil-doers, today I bring you a villain spotlight from a film that really set off Joaquin Phoenix’s career. I am personally a big fan of Phoenix, and have to give the man extra props for being a fellow vegan, but even though the actor has gone on to play some very different and unique roles in subsequent films I think his portrayal of Commodus will forever be one of the best of his entire life. Commodus is truly one of the most scheming, manipulative, cruel, and vicious villains of all time, setting the bar higher than any Lannister could ever surpass. Continue forward for why Lilith thinks Commodus in the film The Gladiator is truly one of the most epic villain roles of all time.


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Villain Spotlight: Tim Curry

Greetings again evil geeks, are you ready for a villain spotlight featuring a man with one of the most treacherous, diabolical, and admiring smiles and voices of all time?!?! Of course you are! And today I bring you none other than Tim Curry, the man with the most mischievous grin anyone could pull off. Much like I feel like you could add barbecue sauce to any dish to make it a little more palatable, I think you could add a healthy dose of Tim Curry to any film to make it just a little bit more enjoyable, especially for those of us evil mongerers. So continue forward for my tribute to the villain that makes us all swoon in his own way as I spotlight Tim Curry’s career.

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Villain Spotlight: Crowley

It has seriously been far too long. Welcome back you bastards to another edition of your personal favorite look into some of the most vile, evil and lovable villains that capture your black hearts. I, and I haven’t done this enough recently, am Arthur Harkness, and I am bringing with me today a man of many jobs and deals. The King of Hell himself, Crowley; as played by Mark Sheppard, or Canton Everett Motherfucking Delaware III.


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Villain Spotlight: Magneto

Today we turn the spotlight to a man who, for all his ups and downs, is perhaps the finest villain in the Marvel Universe.

Magneto has definitely evolved from the madman who first appeared in the pages of X-Men #1. Originally, he wasn’t too far removed from the fascists who we would later learn had set him on his course to misanthropy. He led a goose-stepping army in his tyrannical crusade toward the destruction of another race and showed no signs of humanity.


Also, he had psychic powers sometimes.


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Villain Spotlight: The Four Horsemen

Welcome back all of my ghostly friends and fairweather fiends. You know, I wanted to do a Villain Spotlight post on this group for a while, and in the midst of my unnatural current obsession with Supernatural, I sort of re-energized my terrible and sometimes ridiculous liking of a certain quartet. Unfortunately, it is not of the barbershop variety, but as luck would have it, they are the end of the world type of group. Ladies and gentlemen, please put your pustulant hands together for….The Four Horsemen.

4 horsemen 1

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Villain Spotlight: Boba Fett

Today’s villain spotlight is quite an icon, one that I have to admit was a little intimidating for your dear Lilith here to tackle. But it is actually that insane obsession the world seems to have with this villain that inspired me to steal this week’s villain column and discuss him. Boba Fett is a man of few words that all in all does not get a ton of screen time in the original Star Wars movie, yet he is now one of the most popular and marketed characters of the franchise. What is it about Boba Fett that is so alluring and attractive to the masses? Continue on for Lilith’s take on this bounty hunter villain…

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