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Villain Spotlight: Lestat de Lioncourt

Welcome back bloodsuckers, today Lilith is spotlighting a true paragon of vampires. Let’s face it, vampires, male and female versions alike, can be inherently sexy. But personally I am not an overly huge fan of those brooding, penitent characters that have become the heroes of so many stories. That’s right fangbangers, you can keep your Edwards and Angels, and I would just as soon give away Bill Compton and Stefan Salvatore. What I am looking for in a bloodsucker is just that: a villain, a schemer, and a murderer; especially one who can be sexy and smart about it. That’s what vampires are supposed to be to me. And so today I want to spotlight a hero among the succubus, a vampire villain who set the bar for all others to come: Lestat de Lioncourt.


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Villain Spotlight: Sylar


Greetings all you diabolical evil-doers out there, it’s good to be back after my brief foray with the trolls last weekend, and I have decided to in kind kidnap the Villain Spotlight from Arthur and the geeks this week. It’s Joss Whedon week on, so let’s dive right in to my pet peeve of the week. I am personally still a little bit pissed that Heroes is getting a second go on television when Firefly has not been brought back yet, I mean, come on now! But seeing all the announcements about the new show Heroes Reborn this week made me fondly recall a villain from the television show’s first season that can make you scream in so many ways. There are so many types of villains out there that we all can admire for various reasons, but every once in a while you just need someone that’s cruel, brutal, and a cold-blooded killer to get you all hot and bothered. I think Sylar from the first season of Heroes is just the man for that job.

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Villain Spotlight: Willy Wonka Part 2

I promised all of you a sequel to my last Wonka Villain Special, and I keep my promises! I apologize it has taken so long but truth be told I had not actually watched the more modern remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory specifically because I didn’t want it to spoil my endearment for the first film, but I delved in to the film just for all you fans this week. This time around we are going to spotlight Johnny Depp’s version of Willy Wonka.


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Villain Spotlight: Willy Wonka Part 1

Hey there evil geeks, Lilith has hijacked the Villain Spotlight again this week, and guess what- this is only part one! I am sure all my lovely fans are wetting themselves with joy over this news. And this week I bring back a classic character from many of our childhoods. While your dentist might try to convince you that Wonka was an evil, malicious villain for giving everyone so many cavities, I would argue that he does indeed fall in to the category of villain only for many different reasons. And since there are a couple versions of Willy Wonka floating around out there, we are going to start with my personal favorite version: Gene Wilder’s 1971 character.

Don't let the smile fool you kids, this guy is a real sadist...

Don’t let the smile fool you kids, this guy is a real freakshow…

I think a lot of us might think back to our childhood and watching the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with some nostalgia. To this day I am a little saddened when I see a WONKA bar and decide to not try my chance at a golden ticket because of my choice to be vegan. So how could poor Willy Wonka, the owner of the most infamous chocolate factory ever, the man trying to gift out a never before behind the scenes tour of his award-winning chocolate shop, be a villain?! Let’s see by reliving some of our most favorite scenes from this timeless masterpiece. SPOILER ALERT- if for some godforsaken reason you have not yet seen this movie, continue forward with caution if you don’t want any secrets revealed before you do watch it.

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