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Reviews From the Crypt – American Vampire

Let’s have a nice warm welcome for our newest contributor here at, Flaccid Snake.


 You’d be a fool not to read the following review.


This is the first collection of the (2010) comic book series, American Vampire. I’m not typically a huge vampire fan, (True Blood was good until maybe the third season and was pretty much dog shit after that) but this story interested me because it takes place in a Western setting and features two great writers. This was Stephen King’s first real foray into comics.

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Brovember Day 10 – Jesse Custer and Pronsias Cassidy

Today’s featured bromance is far from perfect, but I ask you to look upon your own relationships…are any of them without flaw?  Can you truly say that you and your college buddy have a healthier relationship than this ex-minister and his friend the alcoholic Irish vampire?

Jesse Custer and Pronsias Cassidy

Jesse Custer and Cassidy 2

Who appeared together in, you guessed it, the comic book “Preacher”.

Spoilers to follow, but if you really ought to read Preacher anyway.

When Jesse Custer was violently possessed mid-sermon by Genesis (the offspring of a demon and an angel), he is rescued by his ex-girlfriend Tulip and her new acquaintance Cassidy. The two become fast friends, adventuring across the United States meeting all sorts of characters, and it starts to become apparent that Cassidy has led a long an disastrous life. Everyone they met with whom Cassidy has had a previous interaction is either dead or close to it. Still, when Cassidy fell into the hands of The Grail, a fanatical shadow organization dedicated to preserving Christ’s bloodline, Jesse came to his rescue. That’s  a mighty cool thing to do for a fellow you’ve just met.  Likewise, Cassidy had actually allowed himself to be kidnapped to let Jesse escape, and endure horrible torture to protect Jesse and Tulip. The guy was trying, all right? Sure, he was a piss-poor human being but he had actual friends again and he wasn’t going to let things fall apart this time.

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Fables to End with Issue 150!

Whoa…Big News!

In an announcement on his website yesterday, Bill Willingham told the world that the long-running and very popular series Fables would be coming to an end with issue #150.
Bill wrote the following on his site:

After more than ten years of publication, and hundreds of issues of Fables, and various Fables-related works, I have decided the time has come to begin the process of bringing our sweeping story to a close. And, along the way, I’ve decided to retire from a great deal of my comics work.

Retirement in the storytelling trade means, still working and writing every day, but being a bit more selective in what projects I take on. Pushing 60, I thought it would be a good time to start making concrete plans for those remaining good writing years.

Fables will end with Issue 150, which will be a larger than usual size, as were many of the other milestone issues. Fairest, our companion series, will also come to an end just before the big final Fables issue.

Both DC and I will announce more details later on, but first and foremost I wanted to let our wonderful readers know about this as soon as I could, and note that our story plans leading up to Issue 150 made it increasingly clear that this upcoming saga should naturally be the final story.

Of course Mark is already well aware of this and said, “I respect Bill’s decision and am looking forward to working with him on the book’s epic final year, leading to the series’ grand finale.”

Newsarama is going to have more details, and I’ll link to their story as soon as it’s ready to go.

Let me restate my thanks to the best, sustained readership in all of comics. I promise to do my best to make the coming year in Fables a great one.

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An Interview with Bill Willingham

Hey Geeks!


A few days ago I had the amazing opportunity to meet and interview Bill Willingham, creator of the very popular Vertigo series Fables at the Boston Comic Con. For those of you not in the know, Fables is a book that stars our most beloved characters from fairy tales and folklore as they make their way through our world, often referred to as The Mundy. These characters were forced out of the homelands by the Adversary, and have created a new life for themselves in ways that you’d never imagine! Bill has given us Fables for more than 10 years with 131 issues of the regular series published, and multiple spin offs and graphic novels. Bill gave me about a half an hour of his time and was happy to chat it up with this Evil Geek…

1) You’ve been with Vertigo for over 15 years now, what was it about the brand that originally attracted you to bring your story to them?

Vertigo actually came looking for me. Shelly Bond (who worked as the Editor for “The Elementals,” and who is currently Executive Editor of Vertigo) reached out to me about working for the label. I didn’t know if I had Vertigo stories in me, but Shelly insisted that I submit something to her.

2) Where did the idea of Fables come from to begin with?
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