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The Things I Do For Comics – Spider-Man/Badrock

I consider my fellow BOEG writer Biff Tannen a friend. Really, I do. We’ve known one another quite a while and he’s a rather agreeable chap. So, when that cold-hearted bastard suggested I read Spider-Man/Badrock for my next installment in this series, I was understandably upset.

Cover 1a

I mean,  fuck that guy, right?

You see, we recently sat down and watched The Image Revolution and while it was an interesting and well-made documentary, and certainly informative regarding the events surrounding the formation of image, it simply did not probe the human psyche for the reasons WHY people wanted these books. I’ve read some god awful books in my day, as regular readers of this column know, but some of the stuff that came out of 90s Image makes Force Works #1  look like motherfucking Watchmen.

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Evil Geek Book Report – Batman: Venom


Denny O’Neal sold me on “Venom” during one of his Fat Man On Batman podcast appearances with Kevin Smith. It was originally issues #16-20 of Legends Of The Dark Knight from 1991. The basic premise was too much for me to pass up. Batman tracks down a kidnapped little girl but she ultimately dies in front of him because he couldn’t remove a large object that was blocking his path to her. It proved to just be too heavy. Her death torments him and as a result he begins taking Venom, the same drugs that make Bane so powerful. It has dire consequences as he gets hooked and eventually has to come to grips with it and attempt to see if he can rise above. I still think that sounds awesome. Hell, Batman even has a beard in this!!!!

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Evil Geek Book Report – Thunderbolts By Warren Ellis & Mike Deodato Ultimate Collection

Thunderbolts Cover

There’s still a huge chunk of “recent” Marvel history that I need to catch up on. I’m familiar with the idea of the Civil War event and its overarching concepts, but I had yet to read anything that took place during those events or in the immediate aftermath. When I heard about the Thunderbolts it was hard to not want to read more. A team of government sanctioned villains whose job was to be sent out and capture non registered super heroes very publicly and to top it off, it was run by Norman Osborn. Seriously, what’s not to like here?

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Evil Geek Book Report – Minimum Carnage

Remember Carnage? After his decadent stay in Marvel Comics in the 1990’s, they eased up on him a little but couldn’t get rid of him. In case you couldn’t tell…he’s back and invading one of my new favorite series, Scarlet Spider. I was hooked immediately after reading Volume 1: Life After Death which covered issues #1-6. Now I’ve been waiting for Volume 2 to be released which has issues #7-9 and #12.1-14. But I’m still a few months away from that and found out that Minimum Carnage bridged the gap. What we have here is a Scarlet Spider crossover with the new Black OPs Venom, Flash Thompson. It spanned Venom #26 & 27, Scarlet Spider #10, 11 and 12 and was bookended by Minimum Carnage: Alpha & Omega. Written and drawn by Scarlet Spider’s regular team of Chris Yost and Koi Pham, Venom’s Cullen Bunn and Declan Shavey with additional art by Ian Medina.



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Guilty Pleasures – Venom

venom granov

This guilty pleasure, even more than the last two that I’ve done, is a shameful admission.  It’s not that Venom is an unpopular character, he’s well into the mainstream as far as popularity goes. No… Venom is a tasteless character. He’s like a Monster Truck driven by a professional wrestler, and while almost everything that’s ever been done with the character is hilariously awful, I can’t help but love the concept. He’s the Doritos Loco Taco of comic books. I can’t help hating myself for loving it.

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The 12 Days of Geeks-Mas Day 10: Geek Chic


As we begin to wind down the 12 Days of Geeks-Mas we wanted to give you that some more ideas for those stocking stuffers for the nerds on your list who want to let the world know about their inner-geek… That’s right, I’m talking about that thing we all wear, Clothes!


Cherry Haus Designs

Ya know, anyone can go to Target and pick up an Avengers T-Shirt these days, so its harder to “smell your own” so to say. Back in the 90’s if you saw someone wearing a Wolverine T-Shirt, you knew that they were into comics and could trust them, but now all that stuff has been licensed every way from Sunday. So at NYCC this year I met this chick with some awesome shoes! And when I asked her where she got them she told me that she makes them and sells them on Etsy through her company Cherry Haus Designs…. in case you don’t know, Etsy is the marketplace for many small crafty-like companies where they sell custom made goods. There are currently 3 shoes in her catalog; R2-D2, The Marauders Map, and an Asian-influenced Koi Design. But she can make any kind of custom shoes that you are interested in! So go ahead and get that Spidey fan a custom piece of clothing for them to rock out in and they’ll be the coolest kid in school!

R2 Fronts

R2 Rear View


Venom Hoody


There’s no doubt in my mind that Spidey never looked cooler than when he wore the black costume. Venom (at least at first) was one of his most interesting villains. Celebrate them both with this incredible hoody from Super Hero Stuff.

8 Bit Voltron Shirt

The 1980s seemed full of big robots, but Voltron was in a class by itself. This shirt redesigns Voltron as a cover for an 8 bit Nintendo game and in the process making it one of the greatest shirts ever. You can pick it up along with a ton of other cool stuff at Shirtoid’s website.

Out Of Print Clothing


Awhile back, I did an article spotlighting this website. You can pick up many t-shirts based on the cover jackets of classic fiction and children’s literature designs. Long live the nerds from Out Of Print Clothing.

Remember to come back tomorrow for The 12 Days of Geeks-Mas Day 11: Geeks in the House!

Seasons Greetings Nerds!

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