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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Sirens

Are all of our geeky followers having a lovely Valentine’s Day Weekend? There are a lot of creatures I could dedicate this heartful weekend post to this weekend, from cherubs to unicorns a lot of monsters might claim their stake at being a monster of love. But I decided to write about sirens this weekend, the beautiful, humanoid, sexy, seductress siren.


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Panel of the Day 2/14/13

Hey Nerds!

Here’s an extra special Valentines Panel of the Day for you featuring our favorite psycho… Mr. J himself from Batman #17 drawn by Greg Capullo. Check it out…

Hey Bats... Love's a bitch!

Hey Bats… Love’s a bitch!

This panel is so sick and twisted for a variety of reasons. Make sure you stop back later for our full review of Batman #17!

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