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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Lilith’s Top Five Creatures From 2013

Hello my slimy followers, how was your 2013? I apologize for being a slacker the last couple weeks with the holidays and only consistently bringing you this amazing creature column on the weekends, I realized it is not nearly enough to satiate your need for Lilith posts. This week I decided with the start of the New Year it would be a good time to reflect back and discuss my favorite creatures from the year 2013. I am sure that there are many creatures I missed since there is only so much time in the year for me to indulge in new books, movies, and TV shows, so I apologize ahead of time to all those of you that want me to write about Pacific Rim, Riddick, or Wolverine, I haven’t gotten to see them yet. But read on for the monsters I loved the most this year so far.


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30 Days Hath Novembeard – Day 9

Do you consider yourself a spiteful person?  Can you hold a grudge?  Do you think that if you had been slighted by a contemporary you would see fit to enact your vengeance years later on a different planet upon his adult son?  Then you may be perfect for the Kryptonian Army!  That’s right, gang! Today’s focus in our month-long beard spotlight is…

General Zod.


On the surface, it seems a bit odd that this perfect utopian society would allow a complete sociopath to attain (and keep) the rank of General… until you realize that our planet does this all of the time.

I’ve always been a huge Lex Luthor fan, but General Zod was arguably cooler in the movies.  He was just as powerful as Superman but lacked the perceived weakness of empathy, so he was fast on the track to be the uncontested ruler of Earth (excluding Australia) until Superman waylaid his plans of world domination with a sleeper hold.

Or maybe that was the Donner Cut?

Supes and Zod

Who’s kneeling now, bitch?

Seriously, though… it took this guy and and two friends around 48 hours to effectively take over the entire world. The President surrendered on behalf of the planet! And one of them had a severe learning disability! Even Zod and Ursa, while not mentally disabled, were shockingly naive about the customs of other planets than their own. These were not savvy invaders.  One could argue that Zod’s  strength, speed, and ability to fly are what made him a leader of men.  However, he did not have these attributes on his home planet when he attained the rank of General. No… It’s obvious that the true measure of a leader is the hair on his face.

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