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Panel of the Day 2/25/13

Good morning Evil Geeks! I thought I’d get your week started out with a pretty sweet panel o’ the day. Today’s image comes courtesy of Issue #1 of Marvel’s 2005 to 2009 spanning mini-series Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine!

Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk 1

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Biff’s Picks Volume 3

People have been recommending this one to me since the moment I picked up a comic book again. Boy, was I happy they did. I bought it immediately but it sat in a stack of other comics for months until last week. As soon as I picked it up, I couldn’t stop reading it.


The Ultimates was written by Mark Millar, who I had a decent first encounter with and drawn by Bryan Hitch. We are focusing on Volume 1 which ran for 13 issues between 2002-2004. It was released as part of the Ultimate Universe which is an alternate and revamped Marvel Universe where the Ultimates basically fill the role of The Avengers. This generally serves as a great jumping on point to people who don’t want to sift through decades of storylines, retconns and an open Wikipedia page to get through an issue in the regular Marvel U. It’s fresh, it’s clean and uncluttered and it was perfect for me.

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