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Ep 160 – In the Throne Room with the Evil Geeks



Praise the Seven, Evil Geeks, because this week we’re all about Game of Thrones! C-Mart, Undies of Wondy, and Evil Lair resident expert Zach P get together to talk season six of everyone’s favorite swords and dragons epic. From the first episode to the INSANELY explosive finale, the Evil Geeks analyze every major moment and prepare themselves for the long wait until season 7. It’s Tales From Westeros: The Podcast!

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Tales From Westeros – Mother’s Mercy


Hello all and apologies for the wait. And thus, another season has come and gone like the Dornish wind, as it howled on its way out. Before I get into things, I’d like to say I appreciate the opportunity to have reviewed these last few episodes for you lovely evil geeks, and you can look forward to some fan theories and character pieces that will keep you full up on Westerosi goodness during this hiatus. Now, on with the review.

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Tales From Westeros – The Children

Wow geeks, can you believe that Season 4 of Game of Thrones is already over?! It feels like it was just the other week when I wrote the opening review to the season, and here is your faithful Lilith bringing you the review of the stunning conclusion to this season. I just want to give a shout out to Izzy Vassilakis Eden, it was a real treat getting to read your weekly reviews and discussions this season. But now I bring you my take on this season finale, titled “The Children”, leaving us another 10 months until we can again indulge in our weekly dose of blood, boobs, and dragons. As always, spoilers to follow.

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