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Zombie Round Up: Them


Greetings, Evil Geeks! The Walking Dead came back that week, signaling what’s basically the halfway point of Winter. We’re almost out of the woods with snow and ice season, but of course the return of our favorite zombie soap opera also means that emotional trauma season is just getting underway. Between Beth’s tragic death in the mid-season finale and Tyreese’s also tragic death last week, the group, as well as the viewers are mentally worn down with anguish. Two characters who arguably could be called the heart of the group of survivors have been brutally ripped away. Can Rick and the others recover from this devastating blow?

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Zombie Round Up: What Happened and What’s Going On

Thank you AMC for the perfect early Valentine’s Day gift. I have been going nuts without my weekly fill of walkers, and after what felt like forever TWD is finally back with the second half of season 5. I hope you are all recovering from Beth’s death, which happened at the very end of the mid-season finale, cause this week’s episode packed a punch just as heart-wrenching. Here is Lilith’s spoiler-filled review of this week’s heavily anticipated episode.


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Zombie Round Up: The Grove

Carol_The_Grove-630x418What’s up Evil Geeks.  Normally I like to jazz up these intros to get you all hyped up to read about something you just watched within the past few hours, but damn this was a rough episode.  Honestly though, we were due for a doozy like this episode, not much has happened this season aside from the survivors being scattered about.  With everyone out in the open and on the run, there were bound to be some casualties, but WOW I wasn’t expecting the events of The Grove.  Let’s get to the reviewing.

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