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Horror of Horrors: Tremors

Not all of us grew up on a diet of R-rated film and horror extravaganzas. In fact, my parents tried (unsuccessfully) to prevent me from seeing an R-rated film until I was 17. Yet I think there were still some films my parents let me watch at too young of an age. You remember how TV would adjust R-rated films to make them PG-13 for prime time TV? Well my parents would occasionally let me sit in on these films with them in the evenings, and sadly a couple of them scarred me for life, even if they are incredibly corny looking back at them. The ones that come to mind are Jaws, Arachnophobia, and Tremors. The latter of this list left me so scared that as a child I think I spent an entire month trying to maneuver my household from item of furniture to item of furniture, avoiding having my feet touch the ground as much as possible. I rewatched this 1990 gem for all of you, so sit back to enjoy this horror of horrors from my childhood. 


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