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Arthur’s Afterthoughts: I Admit I Was Wrong

I bet you thought you were only getting one from me this week. Well guess again. Welcome you heathens to a round of me doing something I do not do regularly; admit that I was wrong. One of the hardest and most painful things to do is admit that you were wrong when you clearly thought you weren’t. Nobody likes to see that “Told you so” face, especially me. Usually I just tend to smash in the face of the one giving it to me, but sometimes I just can’t. So, in regards to me admitting I am wrong, it comes time to fess up and face what I was so wrong about. We all have to someday, and that tme is nigh for your boy, Arthur.

I tend to form opinions on certain things without giving it a proper shot. Less so today than in the past, but I still have my old habits occasionally. I have compiled a modest list of certain things that I had deemed complete bullshit a while ago but now have a certain, shall we say obsession with. I won’t bog you all down with each and every one, but I will give you some of the more major/popular ones. And once again, just so we are all aware, it pains me to admit that I have buried these works at one point in my life. Here we go.

  1. Harry Potter

harry potter


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Let Me Put My Suggestions In You: The Trailer Park Boys

Warning: Heavy profanity to follow. If you are weak of heart or just don’t like swearing in general, you may want to steer clear of this one. Just letting you all know. ENJOY!

Oh my fuck do I have something special for you guys today. I was sitting around over the weekend debating on what to provide you guys for this week’s suggestions,  and was having quite a bit of difficulty. Not in the material department, but more in choosing which one would be best for you all. I racked my brain and tried to sit down and write something, but the words just weren’t coming. A long string of obscenities seemed to be the only thing that my brain was capable of producing at the time……and then it hit me. Fuck…..shit…..bitch…..Ricky….Julian….Bubbles…..I know what I must do (and those words are not respective towards each person). Ladies and gentlemen, for your pleasure and the pleasure of all of your girlfriends, I am proud to bring you the Trailer Park Boys.

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Villain Spotlight: Jim Lahey and Randy….Bobandy

Welcome back everyone to another edition of Villain Spotlight! I must confess that the spotlight has been very scifi/comics/action movie heavy since its inception, and I figured today would be a good day to dish out a little bit of comedy for you guys. Don’t worry, it’s still a villainous affair, but it will have a certain kind of flavor to it….shall we say…a little bit of the rye flavor? Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you to splendor that is Trailer park supervisor Jim Lahey and Weekend Supervisor Randy. Grab a drink and black out because this one is going to be real fucky.

​The Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian television series that premiered back in the mid 2000’s and introduced us to many recurring and ridiculous characters. Whether it be the main trio of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles, or characters like J-Roc and T, the park is rarely short of entertainment. Our trio is constantly on the lookout for easy money, cheap booze and great dope, which you can assume leads to all sorts of shenanigans. The boys make Sunnyvale Trailer Park a mass of fucked up schemes and drunken antics that make me wish I lived in Sunnyvale….but not for too long. The boys really just want to make some money and make sure to have enough to buy some new clothes, school supplies for Ricky’s daughter, and all the booze and dope they can handle, but hounding them every step of the way is Supervisor Jim Lahey and his Associate Supervisor (Former weekend supervisor) Randy…who does not have a last name, or a shirt, so we will slap a Bobandy after Randy. It’s what God would have done.

lahey and randy 1

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