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Pulp Corner: Top Ten Film Noir Movie Posters

Film noir has always been a world unto itself, a dark shadowy world full of cigarette smoke, booze and femme fatales. Its posters are no different. Unfortunately for us, hand drawn and painted movie posters are all but a lost art. It’s amazing the time and care that use to go into producing them. Each movie studio had their own distinct style when it came to advertising their films, which I hope comes across here.  I’ve attempted to round up 10 of the best and most visually appealing along with my personal favorites. It wasn’t easy to narrow down and a lot ended up being left on the cutting room floor. Which opens up room for a sequel post….

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Without further adieu:

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Top Ten Daredevil Covers: Vol. 3 (2011-2014)

With the recent reboot of Daredevil and his subsequent move to San Francisco I thought it would be a good time to look back at Volume 3 and highlight some of the covers from this run. After the doom and gloom of Bendis, Brubaker, and Diggle’s lengthy tenure’s it was time to take DD back to his swashbuckling roots. Mark Waid was just the man for the job along with artist Paolo Rivera to launch and then eventually Chris Samnee they succeeded in turning the character around and giving the book a artistic facelift on all fronts. Proving that a Daredevil book could look and feel bright but still have a dark under current. In the process they created an array of covers in this volume’s short 36 issues that stand out and confidently rank with any of the classics that came before it.

(See Volume 1’s Top Ten covers here and Volume 2’s here)


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The Ten Best Punches from Captain America Comics #1

Yesterday, in celebration of our nation’s independence from those tea-taxing Brits I reread the very first appearance of Marvel’s star-spangled Avenger. And, since I’m a red-blooded American man, I love me some violence! Now, we’re all familiar with the iconic cover of this issue, upon which Captain America knocks the piss out of Hitler:

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Top Ten Fantastic Four Covers (Byrne Era)

Not long ago, I published an article featuring my own personal top ten list of Fantastic Four covers from the first hundred-or-so issues. Naturally, the Lee and Kirby run on Fantastic Four is one of the most highly celebrated collaborations in the history of comics. However, in my own tastes it’s about tied with John Byrne’s work on the same title. Perhaps it’s because they were some of the first books to which I was exposed as a child, perhaps it’s just because of their unchecked awesomeness, one way or another Byrne’s FF issues ought to be recognized. So away we go.

john byrne watcher

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Top Ten Fantastic Four Covers (Kirby and Lee Era)

Although I am indisputably a child of the X-Men generation, my heart has always belonged on a very important level to the Fantastic Four. My first experience with FF comics came well after my early encounters with Spider-Man and the X-Men, but there was always something about the dynamic of the Fantastic Four that drew me in. Perhaps it’s because I, myself, came from a large family and the relationship between that team is very much that of a family. Perhaps it was the fact that one Christmas of 1991 I received a video cassette copy of “The Menace of Magneto”, an episode of the 1970s Fantastic Four cartoon in which Reed, Sue, Ben and H.E.R.B.I.E. take down the Master of Magnetism himself, with the help of a WOODEN GUN(!?!?!).

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Top Ten Daredevil Covers: Vol. 2 (1998-2011)

It’s no secret that I love Daredevil. I’ve continuously fund myself captivated by the trials and tribulations of poor Matt Murdock. Awhile back I compiled a list of the Top Ten covers for Volume 1 of the Daredevil ongoing series that ended in 1998. Even though I’ve only got through the Bendis penned stuff, I couldn’t wait to highlight Volume 2’s covers (1998-2011). This period was such a highlight in ‘ol horn head’s history both from a writing perspective as well as from an artistic perspective. It was a painful process to have narrow it down to only ten entries, but this is what I came up with.


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