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Saturday Morning Nerd Art

Do you love giant robots from the 1980’s? Do you love nerd art? Of course you do or else you wouldn’t be here. If you live in the Philadelphia area and are planning on going to the Wizard World Comic Con (May 30 – June 2) the crew over at Acidfree Gallery will be releasing these exclusive posters for the event:


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Friday Nerd Art

Every once in awhile the Evil Geeks like to single out an artist and do an article showcasing some of their work. Today noted nerd artist, Tom Whalen whose retro cartoon art we featured previously has returned with some certified excellence. Scroll through his distinctive take on some of our favorite franchises.

You can take a look at more of Tom’s work or purchase prints at his website.

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

Retro Cartoon Art

Incredible artist and certified geekologist Tom Whalen has unveiled new nerd art that will be making its exclusive debut at New York Comic Con .Get ready all you Saturday morning cartoon watching 1980’s nostalgia hounds because this is the real deal!



And just like the Constructions these mother fuckers combine:

Like your 80’s cartoons a little less metallic and a lot more human? Well he’s got you covered there too:

G.I. Joe:



Check Tom’s website  for more certified nerd art or check back here for future spotlights on his work. For those of you looking for these particular prints at Comic Con he will be in booth 1681.

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