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Ep 070 – Evil Geeks Disassembled: Return To Dimension X – The Image Revolution


In today’s episode Martian Luthor Kang and Biff Tannen discuss the recently released Image Revolution, a Sequart documentary about the founding and success of Image Comics in the 1990s. They also take a trip down memory lane to discuss their own experiences. Oh and Rob Liefeld. Lots of talk about him.


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The Evil Geeks Talk About Their First Time

viewerHey there Evil Geeks! On lazy days like today, sometimes it’s good to get all introspective-like and reflect on some of the best memories of the past.  Sometimes it’s best to coat those memories in an alcohol glaze, but today’s memories aren’t ones like that; these are definitely worth hanging on to. The Evil Geeks are going to get all misty eyed and coked up… excuse me, CHOKED up while they reminisce about their first experience with comics.  Much like all “Firsts” stories, some are good, some are bad, but these are still the books that got a lifetime of geekdom ignited in our young villainous brains.

Biff Tannen

Like Uncle Scrooge and his coveted #1 Dime, we often hold onto things that we have a emotional connection with that may not be perceived as having any real value. For me it’s the first comic I ever bought, Uncanny X-Men #286 from 1992.


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The Things I Do For Comics – Spawn/Batman

As I’ve proven in the past few installments of this series, my gluttony for punishment knows no bounds.  But I have perhaps been taking some cheap shots at some easy targets… going after the low hanging fruit.  I mean, Extreme Justice can be accurately judged on its name alone.  So today I’ve decided to set my sights on a high profile book created by two of the biggest names in 90s comics, starring two of the day’s most popular characters!  It’s…



And it’s soooo goddamn long.

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The Things I Do For Comics – Spider-Man #1

Continuing in my series of masochistic comic reviews, today we’re going to have a look at another of the best-selling comics of all time. Much like last week’s selection, X-Force #1, this book was a new series placed entirely in the hands of a superstar artist, only this time the stakes were a bit higher. While Cable and the New Mutants were very popular in those days, they were nothing compared to the consistent appeal of…… Spider-Man!


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