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Villain Spotlight: Tim Curry

Greetings again evil geeks, are you ready for a villain spotlight featuring a man with one of the most treacherous, diabolical, and admiring smiles and voices of all time?!?! Of course you are! And today I bring you none other than Tim Curry, the man with the most mischievous grin anyone could pull off. Much like I feel like you could add barbecue sauce to any dish to make it a little more palatable, I think you could add a healthy dose of Tim Curry to any film to make it just a little bit more enjoyable, especially for those of us evil mongerers. So continue forward for my tribute to the villain that makes us all swoon in his own way as I spotlight Tim Curry’s career.

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What They Should Have Done: Congo

congo title

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another round of Arthur ruins/makes shitty movies better in the column that is sweeping the nation and invading your brains. I was recently speaking to a buddy of mine concerning this movie, and although I feel that it is a perfect masterpiece of the dramatic persuasion, some people feel that it is simply horrible and ridiculous. Shame on those of you in agreement with that statement, as this movie is a classic example of how to properly use Tim Curry and gorillas on the same roll of film. I scratched my brain though, for the sake of writing and comedy, and rewatched a couple scenes of this piece, and found that one in particular stood out to me. It wasn’t too important at first look, but after noticing a few things, I came to the conclusion that nearly everything could have been stopped and avoided by the intervention of just one man…..and that man’s name is Arthur Harkness.


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TV From The Crypts: Earth 2


This one is for all you sci-fi geeks out there. I feel a bit off-kilter straying from the theme of Halloween Horror running rampant within the Brotherhood, and in my home, but I recently rewatched this enjoyable 90’s TV show and wanted to write my thoughts about it while they were fresh. Earth 2 only lasted one season, but at least it was in the olden days when TV shows aired for more than 10 episodes a season. I don’t know when the TV networks decided to change their yearly “season” to 10 forty-five minute long episodes, but that was one lazy-ass decision that still grinds my gears. As much as I love Walking Dead, Falling Skies, and Game of Thrones, being able to consume the blu-ray in 3 days, or if watching it in real time taking in a season in less than 3 months is a crime against humanity. So when you delve into some of the retired wonders out there, like Earth 2, you will be pleasantly surprised when you realize the good old days featured seasons with over 20 episodes. Earth 2 has 22 fun-filled episodes for your entertainment needs.

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