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Evil Geek Book Report – Thunderbolts By Warren Ellis & Mike Deodato Ultimate Collection

Thunderbolts Cover

There’s still a huge chunk of “recent” Marvel history that I need to catch up on. I’m familiar with the idea of the Civil War event and its overarching concepts, but I had yet to read anything that took place during those events or in the immediate aftermath. When I heard about the Thunderbolts it was hard to not want to read more. A team of government sanctioned villains whose job was to be sent out and capture non registered super heroes very publicly and to top it off, it was run by Norman Osborn. Seriously, what’s not to like here?

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Evil Geek Book Report – Thunderbolts #1

And the Marvel Now #1’s keep comin’ !


Whoever is off to the right of this cover is pretty well fucked.

When Marvel relaunched most of their books under the Marvel Now! banner, I decided to look at it positively; as a jumping on point rather than a jumping on point. So I’ve been trying out each of the new books regardless of whether I really had any interest in them. This is one of the books I probably would have passed on otherwise, despite the fact that I’m a big fan of Steve Dillon’s art. It seemed like a forced team book trying to cash in with edgy anti-hero characters. But I suppose that’s in keeping with the Thunderbolts of the past: Originally they were villains looking to redeem themselves. Then in what was probably the most successful incarnation they were imprisoned super villains earning a pardon by working for the government.

thunderbolts caged angels

Still better than making license plates, I guess.

This time around, the Thunderbolts are being run by General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, who moonlights as the Red Hulk. His motives aren’t entirely clear yet, but he’s trotting around the globe recruiting for the team. First, we see him essentially blackmailing the Punisher into joining up, and the issue is framed by this scene. While Ross lays the plan out for Frank Castle, we see flashbacks to him snatching up the rest of the team. He finds Venom (now being worn for black ops work by Flash Thompson) in Somalia, Deadpool fighting mimes in France, a once-again alive Elektra fulfilling a contract in Afghanistan, and a fifth as-yet-unrevealed member is also glimpsed having fought the Hulk some time ago. Judging by the track records of those involved, Ross is getting ready to do some filthy dirty work. However, while all the characters have, in their own books, had a reputation for violence, they are very different people. I’s have to imagine that Flash Thompson’s conscience will eventually come into play, and hell hath no fury like a double-amputee in an alien symbiote scorned. The Punisher might be able to handle that, though… one time I saw him punch a polar bear.


Now do you see why I like Dillon?

I enjoyed the first issue, but still have some doubts about the book. Daniel Way is hit or miss with me, with the majority of his hits being mini-series rather than his ongoing work. Also, I’m a big fan of Steve Dillon’s art (one of the few pieces of comic art I keep on my walls is a sketch of Herr Starr from Preacher that some friends sommissioned for me), and I love his fight scenes when it’s two dudes beating the hell out of one another, but I’m worried that a scene of Venom and the Hulk going hog wild might not work as well when drawn by Dillon as it might by a more dynamic artist.  Still, though… I’m interested in seeing how this plays out and I encourage them to prove me wrong about my concerns.

At ease, Geeks!

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One Month to Go!

Welcome to “The Brotherhood of Evil Geeks!” I bet that name makes your knees shake, it has EVIL in it afterall 🙂

Anywho, welcome to this blog. This blog was created for many reasons, but the one that tops them all is because my best friend and I getting psyched to go to the NY Comic Con for the 5th time in October. Well, we are 30 days away from that momentous journey into mystery and to celebrate we would kick off our blog with what we planned to do, talk about cool-ass nerdy shit! So here goes….

Have you seen the cover to the new Thunderbolts comic yet? If not, take a looksee….

Badass new Thunderbolts Comic!

Thunderbolts is copyright of Marvel Comics

Can you believe that? That image should be filed in the dictionary under BADASS!

In case your a noob, The Thunderbolts were a team of villians who were masquerading as heroes, who eventually became heroes. Then it kinda morphed into a bad-guy-for-hire kinda deal sorta like the old Suicide Squad, where they got to do this rather than sitting in prison. Who knows what the overall theme of this book is gonna be like, but you gotta love the fact that The Thunderbolt is leading the Thunderbolts….

Whats that you say?….What am I talking about???? Oh yeah, the leader of this bunch of mercs is no other than the Red Hulk himself, General Thunderbolt Ross, who has always been a “do whatever is necessary” kinda character anyway, so it will be fun to watch him lead the dirty team while the Avengers get the glory. Other sites out there are talking about the interactions between Deadpool and Venom, but personally I cannot wait to see good ‘ol Wade chat up frank Castle just to have The Punisher shoot him in the head, or hit on Elektra and have her snikt little Wade. As usual, I’m sure he will provide the comic relief and will have a ton of fun killing tons of people. The only one that I’m not too sure of is Venom to be honest. I know that is Flash Thompson in there and that he has been using the suit for the military, but thats it. Might be a good dynamic between him and Ross. I’m betting/hoping that the first arc has something to do with The Hand (Elektra’s old dead ninja crew) but really who knows. In case you’re not aware, this is part of Marvel’s new MARVEL NOW line, which is not essentially a reboot, but a retooling of their characters and teams. I haven’t been too crazy about this until now, but thats probably because I haven’t been exactly thrilled with the new 52, but we’ll have to see…

OK, enough outta me! Thanks for checking us out and stay tuned to more reviews, rants, and general chatter from The Brotherhood.

Stay Nerdy, Internet!
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