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Theater of the Absurd Makes Its Debut!


Hey there, Evil Geeks! Hopefully you were able to make it out to The Low Beat this past weekend to check out the premiere of the first episode of Theater of the Absurd. If you listened to Undies of Wondy’s interview with the creators on Transmission’s From the Evil Lair a few weeks ago, then you knew you were going to be in for a treat with the first episode of this animated comedy.

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Ep 137 – A World of Illusion w/ Christa Yelich-Koth & Lifting the Curtain on Theater of the Absurd


Happy Monday, Evil Geeks! This week’s episode features back to back interviews. First up, C-Mart and returning guest Christa Yelich-Koth sit down to talk about her new book Illusion (available now!). Then in part 2, Undies of Wondy talks to Tom McWatters, Colleen McWatters, and Chris Martinez, the creative team behind Theater of the Absurd, an animated comedy series premiering Saturday, September 26th. Enjoy!


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A Taste of the Absurdity Ahead

Our three main protagonists from left to right: Ace McWalto, Paolo Pinta, and Mike Lemieux

Our three main protagonists from left to right: Ace McWalto, Paolo Pinta, and Mike Lemieux

Hey there fanboys and fangirls!  Some people might say that the Brotherhood of Evil Geeks are nothing more than a bunch of dudes sitting around a room complaining about comic books… and to some extent those people are 100% correct.  However, being the creative typed, yet still slightly criminal folks that we are, occasionally we sit around other rooms and do other stuff, IMPORTANT stuff.  One such “other room” being occupied by Evil Geek and Evil Geek Adjacent Personnel, would be the dining room of Evil Geek guest blogger and Evil Movie Night co-host, Paulo Pinta.  For the past several months, Paulo, an individual tentatively titled Mrs. Pinta, and your friendly neighborhood C-Mart have been hard at work crafting an entire stop-motion animated universe of sheer lunacy and craziness on a titanic scale known as Theater of the Absurd.  The show will feature the adventures of Ace, Lemieux, and Paolo (show above), the three biggest jerks in the fictional town of Center Square.  The trio’s dickishness is rivaled only by the absurdity of the town and its many residents.  I don’t want to give away too much about the show….but yeah, shit gets weird.  Really weird.  All I’ll say is wait till you meet Baron Von Internet in the first season finale; you’ll probably want to wash your hands afterwards. This show will have it all: hipsters, bar fights, intricate heists, serial public masturbators, and the ultimate battle for control of the world’s supply of porn.

We’re putting the finishing touches on the scripts for all of the shows in the first season and hopefully we should be filming soon.  It’s looking like we’ll have about 8 episodes in season one, which we hope to start bringing to you later this year.  Characters have been made, some sets are ready to go and I promise that you all will be in for a treat.  In order to whet your appetite for more of the fictional Paolo’s adventures, IRL Paolo has created a blog highlighting the insane ramblings of fictional Paolo in order to let you know exactly what type of character we’re dealing with!  Dip into the pool of insanity that is Paolo’s mind by reading his latest blog ramblings at Paolo’s Theater of the Absurd and check back here for updates as we get closer to releasing the first season.  The Evil Lair will surely be filled with the sounds of laughter once we release the show.  Actual laughter too, not the maniacal laughter that we usually fill the Evil Lair with.

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