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Evil Geek Book Report – Dark Force Rising

Hello again all you rebel scum out there. I have made it through the second installment of the Thrawn Trilogy and I am super eager to give you all my take on it. After all, I was a little underwhelmed by Heir to the Empire, but I was pleasantly surprised with how great Dark Force Rising was. So continue on for my spoiler-filled review of the novel.


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Evil Geek Book Report – Heir to the Empire

While Lilith is slowly making her way through the world of Star Trek, you know that she will forever be a Star Wars fan. Of course, the extension of that fandom involved rewatching the movies, mostly the originals, as marathons at least once a year. I probably know over 50% of the lines in episodes 4,5, and 6 by heart. And I haven’t had too much interest before now in delving in to any other Star Wars stories, though I look forward to J.J. Abrams reboot next year. That being said, my muse the Veganaut convinced me, and of course purchased me, the Timothy Zahn trilogy so that I could finally experience some extended universe stories. I will now bring you my evil geek book report for the first in the trilogy: Heir to the Empire, of course containing some spoilers.


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