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Evil Geeks Disassembled: Grrrr Argh! – Ep 1: Learning from the Master with Mark Metcalf


Welcome to the very first episode of’s newest podcast: Grrrr Argh! where we talk all things Whedon (but mostly Buffy)! We set the bar high as far as guests in this premiere episode, as The Master himself, Mark Metcalf, joins Undies of Wondy and C-Mart to talk his time terrorizing Sunnydale, as well as his role in the comedy classic, Animal House and his character The Maestro on Seinfeld!

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Who Review – The Magician’s Apprentice


What’s up, Evil Geek Whovians? It seems like it’s been forever since we’ve checked in with the Doctor, but Tardis travelling season is finally back! What’s our favorite Gallifreyan been up to since we last saw him? We’ll if you saw the recently released prequel to The Magician’s apprentice, you’ll know that he’s been keeping busy digging some wells and trying to do a little meditating. Why the wells? So he can finally get some decent tasting water! Why the meditation? Ummm, yeah… about that…

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Who Review – Death In Heaven

We’ve come a long way this season, Evil Geeks. It seems like just yesterday I was typing up the review for the season premiere, now here we are going over the season finale. We had twelve episodes in a row, which for Doctor Who is pretty impressive after several years of half-seasons broken up by a long hiatus. There’s been some good and some bad this season, but it’s all lead up to this two-part finale that hit the ground running last week with an episode full of “HOLY SHIT!!!” moments. The Master is back, this time regenerated into the guise of Missy, and she’s brought an army of Cybermen potentially numbering into the billions. What’s her endgame here? What about Clara and her reckless level of overconfidence? Will she pay for the “sins” she’s committed this season even more than she has already? Let’s get down to it!

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Villain Spotlight: The Master

the master 3

Guys, the time has finally arrived. Normally, this is where I would shower you all with affection and thank you for stopping by to check out your favorite villainous escapades, which you can catch almost every Friday on this site conveniently placed on the internet for easy viewing, but we have important business to attend to. Next week, finally marks the premier of the long awaited and highly anticipated 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who!! I’m not sure if you guys understand how important this is. How many shows do you know of that have gone on for this long? Seriously, not that many. It’s a wonder in its own right that any show could last that long in general, let alone still be so popular and essentially have a huge resurgence over the past near 10 years. It’s insane to say the least. Speaking of insane though, like previously mentioned, we have some business to attend to, and that is villain business. When you think of Doctor Who, most of the time you think Daleks, Cybermen, Racnoss, Silurians, Sontarans, and the myriad of other races and species he has come into contact with over the years, but in my opinion, the one that is the most dangerous, is the one who hits close to home. Timelords and Timeladies, I proudly present to you this week’s Villain Spotlight…..The Master!

master 2


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