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Evil Geek Book Report – Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters

22741_20090331140459_largeGreetings Evil Geeks; it’s been a while, but it’s finally comics time!!!  I’ve been pretty busy making sure the Evil Lair is running smoothly and haven’t had much time for comics lately, but I have just put down a great book that I think is definitely worth checking out.  Normally my tastes in comics heavily favor the capes and tights set, with a healthy dose of The Walking Dead thrown in to balance things out, but this week’s review strays from that genre, if only slightly.  While Green Arrow would normally fit into the former category, The Long Bow Hunters, featuring words and art by Mike Grell, takes Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance away from the Justice League on a “no frills’ straight up, action story that stretches across decades.  No trick arrows, no super powered back up, and relatively small time stakes? Can the Emerald Archer still fight crime without all the accoutrements? Read on and find out!

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