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Ep 164 – The Killing Podcast


Greetings from Gotham, Evil Geeks! This week we’ve assembled a panel of experts to talk the newest entry in the DC Animated Universe, Batman: The Killing Joke. Joining C-Mart and Undies of Wondy in the Evil Lair are Chad Burdette of The Comics Multiverse and our newest movie reviewer, the mysterious man known only as The Fassassin. Enjoy the show and remember, never open the door for strange clowns with cameras!

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13 Ideas for 2013


With 2013 already upon us, here’s my list of 13 different items that could shake up the nerd world this year! So let the speculation begin and feel free to send in your comments and rant and rave with me…

1) Will Scott Snyder have The Joker kill Alfred in Death of the Family?

The Joker
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