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The Walking Dead Zombie Round-Up: Welcome to the Tombs


What’s up Evil Geek zombie heads?!?!  It’s our final Zombie Round-Up of season 3 and it feels worse than the last day of summer camp.  The Evil Lair’s Sunday night’s will be a little less hectic and sadly undead free, but fear not my dear minions, for we shall rise again from our graves like the undead masses for Season 4!  Before we say good-bye for the Spring and Summer though, we’ve got a finale to talk first.  WAR! Good God what IS it good for?!?!?  Well, how about entertaining television for starters.  All season long we’ve been building towards this confrontation with Woodbury and everything comes to a head tonight.  Will we be saying good-bye to TV’s best villain in the season three ender? How’s Andrea’s stay in the torture shack going? Can the folks at the prison be convincing when they tell Darryl that they’re sorry Merle died?  Read on and find out!

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The Walking Dead Zombie Round Up – This Sorrowful Life

Ok, just keep pretending that we're talking to each other and he'll go away.  Is he still looking? How about now?

Ok, just keep pretending that we’re talking to each other and he’ll go away. Is he still looking? How about now?

Greetings Evil Geek zombie fans and welcome back to the Brotherhood’s official Monday morning postmortem report of everyone’s favorite hour of Sunday night TV – The Walking Dead! With two episodes left this season, the shit is bound to hit the proverbial fan sooner or later.  Last week saw Andrea become somewhat of a likeable character again after she tried to escape Woodbury in order to warn her friends at the prison of the Governor’s impending ambush.  After an extremely tense chase, Andrea’s attempt to warn the prison was foiled at the absolute last second as she was nabbed at the doorstep of the prison by the Governor and given a very special invitation to be the first guest in his torture shack.  A word to the wise Andrea, the Yelp reviews for that location have not been kind.  Without further ado, let’s get this Round-Up underway!

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The Walking Dead Zombie Round-Up: Prey


Cheer up Evil Geeks, because it’s time for the silver lining in the grey, menacing storm cloud that is Monday morning; an all-new Zombie Round-Up!  Welcome back to the Brotherhood’s weekly breakdown of all things concerning the ambulatory undead.  Last week’s episode saw all the players getting to their appropriate sides ahead of the upcoming war between the prison and Woodbury.  However, when the dust settled and the battle lines were drawn one player seemed to be going in a direction that she specifically said she couldn’t.  Andrea decides to return to Woodbury with the Governor, even though Hershel let her know that he’s been up to some shady stuff with Maggie during the time she was his prisoner.  Was Andrea too frightened to leave the maniacal Governor or is she plotting to overthrow him?  And by “overthrow”, I mean knife him in his sleep.

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The Walking Dead Zombie Round-Up: Arrow On the Doorpost


Happy Monday Evil Geeks!  The Sunday night zombie fest of The Walking Dead has come and gone and we’re all counting down to the next episode.  Last week’s episode “Clear” took a break from the ongoing battle between the folks at the prison vs. the town of Woodbury, but the previews for this weeks show promised us a face to face meeting between Rick and the Governor.  Would these newly minted enemies be able to play nice and work things out for the good of all of the people in both locations or would they just make matters worse?  Let’s find out and talk about some zombies, shall we?

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Evil Geek Book Report – The Walking Dead: Governor Special


Greetings and mutations, Evil Geeks!  Welcome to another installment of our 9,782,241,677 part series of Evil Geek Book Reports.  Today we’re rehashing Image and SkyBound’s rehashing of the origin of the Governor, arguably the greatest villain to come out of  The Walking Dead, either in the books or the TV show.  So join us, won’t you?  Step inside to the Evil Lair and prepare to be book reported at!

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Ep 009 – Top 5 Live…Comic Book Fight Scenes!!!

Hello Nerds!

The name really says it all! In today’s podcast, the Geeks reminisce about their Top 5 Comic Book Fight Scenes… We laugh, we cry, then we laugh a lot more! Sit back and enjoy our tales of comic panel violence!

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