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Alexander Iaccarino’s Movie Poster Art

I think it’s fairly obvious by now that I have a bit of a preoccupation with art. One of my favorite genres though is the classic movie poster, it’s something that sadly has been disappearing over the last 20 years. Everything now seems to use the real actors either straight on or photoshopped and arranged. I miss the days of thoughtful composition that enticed the viewers imagination.  Freelance artist Alexander Iaccarino is bringing them back one movie at a time.


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Zombie Round Up: After

index2After a long cold ass Winter (which we’re still currently living through), the zombies are finally thawing out and springing back to undead life! The Governor certainly went out with a bang in the mid-season finale, taking with him the comfy, secure, confines of the prison.  The fences are down, zombies have flooded in, and whoever wasn’t killed in the initial melee are scattered to the winds.  Not since Brooks in The Shawshank Redemption have people been so dismayed to be leaving a penitentiary.  Before getting killed, the Governor managed to hand Rick his own ass, nearly beating him to death. How are he and Carl going to fare all alone out on the open road!?!?!?!

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Zombie Round Up: Too Far Gone

We’re finally back to the prison, Evil Geeks!  After taking a divergent path for the past two weeks, we follow the Governor back to the prison in order to settle the score with Rick and Michonne.  Can these two sides reach an understanding before any blood is spilled?  If you read the comic, then you know that the answer to that question is a resounding “Nope.”  Shit got real tonight kids, so let’s get right down to the review. Consider this your spoiler warning!

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Zombie Round Up: Dead Weight

Evil Geeks, storywise, last week… may not have been the high point for the front portion of Season 4 of The Walking Dead.  On paper it sounds good; a solo episode featuring a fan favorite character who’d been missing in action for a while. The execution though may have been a little lacking.  As I said last week, I really hate it when a show dumps these one-shot episodes in the middle of a pretty heavy story arc.  It feels like a distraction, or maybe the head writer’s kid got sick that week so they had to stay home from work.  The thing that left we really nervous for this week’s episode was the fact that it looked like we’d be doubling down on another Governor-centric (or should I say Brian-centric) episode.  Damn it!  There’s still stuff going on at the prison that we want to know about! GET ON WITH IT!!!

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Zombie Round Up: Live Bait

Happy Monday Evil Geeklings! Some people would say that after a season so far packed with grisly, flame broiled murder, a killer flu, a massive fence breach, and the constant threat of being overrun by zombies, the people at the prison have been through enough.  Well some people who don’t feel that way apparently are the writers of The Walking Dead and the current lingering big bad: The Governor.  Last week we found out that the Governor has been quietly hanging around the prison, most likely doing something way more sinister than just constantly walking past the front gate hoping somebody sees him and invites him in.  I’m pretty sure he’s got killing on his mind right now and I don’t mean in the “Murder For the Greater Good” type of way that Carol meant it.  No, he’s got some scores to settle and surely that can’t bode well for Rick and the others.

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Zombie Round Up: 30 Days Without an Accident

Hey there Evil Geeks!  It’s officially zombie season again, so let’s head back to prison as The Walking Dead kicks off Season 4 this week.  I’ll be here with you again all season long, bringing you an in-depth break down of each episode.   When we last left Rick Grimes and the others, the Governor had been exposed as one seriously evil bastard and after turning on him, the people of Woodbury have now come to live at the prison.  With all these new roommates living at the prison, anyone who’s ever seen an 80’s sitcom can tell you; wackiness is about to ensue!


“…and I call it Zombie Kush. They say it’s the stuff that killed Elvis.”

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