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Ep 040 – An Interview With Matt Wilson

Happy podcast day Evil Geekites! Today we’re bringing you an interview with Matt Wilson, the writer and director behind the short film The Final Moments of Karl Brant, starring Paul Reubens and Janina Gavankar, which you can view in it’s entirety for FREE on the Nerdist YouTube Channel.  After the interview the Evil Geeks hang out for a while and that’s when things get kind of weird as they discuss the King of the Bronies, Smurf Head Necklace, and trolling Doctor Who cosplayers.

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Evil Movie Reviews: The Final Moments of Karl Brant

Greetings Evil Geekites! When it comes to movie reviews, we strive to bring you the lowdown on the biggest blockbusters hitting theaters everywhere, but when it comes to a diet of entertaining films, one simply cannot live on big-budget fare alone; that would be the equivalent of trying to survive while only eating food from your local gas station.  Sure it’s easily available, but will it leave you satisfied when you’re done?  Sometimes when you look past the local movie house,  you’ll find something that’s even better than what you’ll pay to see.  Such is the case with the subject of today’s Evil Movie Review: The Final Moments of Karl Brant, a 16 minute short film written and directed by M.F. Wilson, which you can watch RIGHT NOW for free at the Nerdist YouTube Channel.

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