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Ep 197 – Rah Rah Riverdale!

Greetings, Evil Geeks of Riverdale! Today Undies of Wondy is joined by Lady Damfino and Jasmine Ladjevardi to talk the steamy teen drama featuring Archie Andrews and his pals, Riverdale! Put on your Jughead hat and your Southside Serpents leather jacket because we’re all meeting at Pop’s afterwards!

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The Flash Suits Up!


Happy Weekend Nerds!

Grant Gustin suits up as The Flash in the first official image of the Scarlet Speedster set to star in the upcoming series on the CW. DC appears to have gotten the look right with the help of Oscar-winner Colleen Atwood, who also designed Ollie’s suit on Arrow.

As you can see, DC decided to go with more of a New-52 look of the character (hint: chinstrap.) Gustin stars as Barry Allen, who appeared late in 2013 on Arrow for a couple of episodes. This image alone makes it seenm that the spinoff series might have a lighter tone, which would serve as a nice contrast to Arrow and what most-likely will be a gritty Gotham on Fox and at the same time be a nod to the serialized book. Read the rest of this entry

TV From The Crypts: Vampire Diaries Season 1

Happy Friday suckers! I have yet another critique of an all-around amazing vampire TV show for you to sink your teeth into today.  I know Vampire Diaries is still an active show on the CW network (what the hell does CW stand for by the way? I mean, at least when the WB network was around we all knew what that stood for. I had to look it up on good ole Wikipedia, and I guess it was a joint venture between the CBS network and the Warner Brothers Entertainment group, so they named it CW after the first initial of each company. I guess that makes sense cause the only thing I could think that it stood for was “Country Western” and that sure as hell wouldn’t make much sense with it’s programing).


So as I was saying, I do have friends that are out there watching the latest season (I think #5) of Vampire Diaries on The CW as we speak, but with my love of fangs I decided to check this show out earlier this year. From the cover of the DVD case I was not overly optimistic that I would be enjoying this teenie-bopper wonder, but let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised once I made it past the first 4 episodes.

Read the rest of this entry

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