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Horror of Horrors: The Black Dahlia Murder

Welcome back my minions of the night! I of course, am your gentleman caller, your brutal mauler, and all around bringer of the fall—-er…Arthur Harkness! Today I bring to you something that is very special to me, and the namesake of this column, a look at The Black Dahlia Murder! Hailing from Detroit, these men have injected metal boners born of pure horrifying madness and hatred directly into your ears and have crafted a style of music that is made less to offend, and more to terrify. I am sure Satan himself throws on “Nocturnal” when he is banging hellish ladies and whatever else he can fit himself into.  If by the end of this article you are not listening to BDM, then you do not know what you are missing. Let’s fucking do this.


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