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Alexander Iaccarino’s Movie Poster Art

I think it’s fairly obvious by now that I have a bit of a preoccupation with art. One of my favorite genres though is the classic movie poster, it’s something that sadly has been disappearing over the last 20 years. Everything now seems to use the real actors either straight on or photoshopped and arranged. I miss the days of thoughtful composition that enticed the viewers imagination.  Freelance artist Alexander Iaccarino is bringing them back one movie at a time.


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Checking In On The Status Of Four Live Action Movie Adaptations

We know over the last 10 years or so Hollywood has really amped up their production of reboots and other older famous franchises that hadn’t yet been made into movies. I thought we’d take take a look at 4 different properties that have been announced but are currently languishing in production hell.


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I’m a big Robotech fan, specifically the Macross Saga (the first 36 episodes of the American series). To briefly sum it up America took 3 different Japanese TV shows and cut them up and reedited them to make 3 distinct stories across different generations of an Earth conflict. The Macross Saga involves an alien craft that lands on Earth and lies dormant for decades until a different alien race finally tracks it down and wages war on our planet. It’s a surprisingly touching cartoon for the 80’s (which clearly means its Japanese) that shows the horrors and real life effects of war and love during a time of conflict. Plus really, really cool human piloted planes that transform into robots.

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Villain Spotlight: Tetsuo

Neo Tokyo is buzzing. The lights and sounds of the city hide the truth of the past, and the possible rubble of a collapsed future on the horizon. Gangs run rampant throughout the city, and a cataclysmic event is still being felt, even though it happened so long ago. Neo Tokyo stands as a testament to what people can achieve and recover from after everything is taken away or destroyed. Massive buildings dot the skyline, and give the view of stability and tranquility. It is amazingly beautiful, and gives hope to a new and prosperous future. It’s almost euphoric just looking at them. It’s a shame we are going to have to tear it all down.

Welcome back everyone to another installment of the internet’s #1 ,#2, and #9 most famous column, the Villain Spotlight! With you as always, I am Arthur Harkness, and today I bring to you another one of my favorite villains. Hailing from Neo Tokyo and coming from the amazingly epic manga/anime Akira, we shine the light on Tetsuo; the psychic, murderous, insane asshole who is blessed with powers well beyond anything you or I could comprehend. I mean we probably could, but it’s just so much power, that I have a feeling most of us wouldn’t know what to do with it. Which plays heavily into the narrative of this gorgeous story. I cannot even begin to tell you how often my buddy Greg” Mr. Lovely” Rossettini and I have been told not to scream “KANNNEEEDDDDAAAAA!!!” and “TETTTSSSSUUUUOOOOOO!!!” at each other while working at a now defunct video store. Such was our love for this story. Promises had been made that we both still intend to keep, and we will be getting Kaneda and Tetsuo tattoos before we die. Bank on it.


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