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Your Weekend Creature Comforts From the Planet Hoth


Despite the astronomical costs and times it seems to take for movie companies to produce a film these days, as well as the slightly shoddy acting we are all forced to deal with from time to time, overall Hollywood has perfected the epic. Of course, sometimes it can be a little frustrating bordering on downright head-splitting when they try to divide a novel or series of novels you love in to as many movies as possible (I mean, waiting over 3 years to see a trilogy of 3+ hour long epics to make up The Hobbit is going to be amazing, but a tad excessive). So when people ask me what your favorite movie is, it might be a bit hard to reply since there are so many phenomenal options to choose from. Ask me that question and initially I might waver and discuss any number of films for their various merits, but ask me it seriously and you will get one answer, which in my mind encompasses 3 movies: Star Wars. Obviously not all 6, or how ever many there will be after Disney gets through with it, but the original 3, episodes 4, 5, and 6.

Afterall, I have been watching these films since I was 2 years old, and aside from the story and the characters getting me hooked, I was also infatuated with the creatures. Each movie has several to appreciate, and species like wookies and whatever the hell Yoda is make appearances in multiple movies. So lucky for you all, I have decided to describe many a creatures in coming posts, as well as today’s weekend edition. What better way to enjoy your weekend then to read up on the monsters that inhabit Hoth, so you can go watch the movie with dinner?

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