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Villain Spotlight: Sylar


Greetings all you diabolical evil-doers out there, it’s good to be back after my brief foray with the trolls last weekend, and I have decided to in kind kidnap the Villain Spotlight from Arthur and the geeks this week. It’s Joss Whedon week on, so let’s dive right in to my pet peeve of the week. I am personally still a little bit pissed that Heroes is getting a second go on television when Firefly has not been brought back yet, I mean, come on now! But seeing all the announcements about the new show Heroes Reborn this week made me fondly recall a villain from the television show’s first season that can make you scream in so many ways. There are so many types of villains out there that we all can admire for various reasons, but every once in a while you just need someone that’s cruel, brutal, and a cold-blooded killer to get you all hot and bothered. I think Sylar from the first season of Heroes is just the man for that job.

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