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TV From The Crypts: Vampire Diaries Season 1

Happy Friday suckers! I have yet another critique of an all-around amazing vampire TV show for you to sink your teeth into today.  I know Vampire Diaries is still an active show on the CW network (what the hell does CW stand for by the way? I mean, at least when the WB network was around we all knew what that stood for. I had to look it up on good ole Wikipedia, and I guess it was a joint venture between the CBS network and the Warner Brothers Entertainment group, so they named it CW after the first initial of each company. I guess that makes sense cause the only thing I could think that it stood for was “Country Western” and that sure as hell wouldn’t make much sense with it’s programing).


So as I was saying, I do have friends that are out there watching the latest season (I think #5) of Vampire Diaries on The CW as we speak, but with my love of fangs I decided to check this show out earlier this year. From the cover of the DVD case I was not overly optimistic that I would be enjoying this teenie-bopper wonder, but let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised once I made it past the first 4 episodes.

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