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Cover(s) Of The Day 2/17/13

I thought I’d try a little twist on our panel of the day feature and showcase a cover instead. When I was a young lad and first got into comics, it was all X-Men all the time for me. They were able to spark something in my imagination that other superheroes couldn’t. Today I thought I’d focus on two covers featuring everyone’s favorite mutant hunting robots, the Sentinels (unfortunately, no Nimrod covers this time around). The first is from Uncanny X-Men #142 which is the second part of The Days Of The Future Past storyline in which we are shown the consequences of an alternate future where Mutants are hunted down and massacred. The second is from Uncanny X-Men #202 and for the longest time as kid, it was my favorite cover ever. We get to see the X-Men dismantling the robotic menaces in a variety of different ways in the middle of a snow storm. I ask you, what could be better?



Both of these issues came out during Chris Claremont’s lengthy tenure as X-Men scribe. We salute you sir!

Till next time geekologists.

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