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Zombie Round Up: No Sanctuary

It’s that time of year again, Evil Geeks. The air gets a little crisper. The days get a little shorter. The dead start to walk across our TV screens again. The Walking Dead came back this week in full force, kicking off what is already looking to be a crazy season 5. What’s the best way for a show that can at times slow down to a glacial pace in terms of storytelling? Why with 1 full hour of zombie killing action, big ass explosions, and a healthy dose of some sweet, sweet fan service!

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Zombie Round Up: A


Here we find ourselves Evil Geeks, at the end of another season of our favorite zombie infestation! Last week we got a little bit of happiness in our sadness stew, so naturally we’re expecting a heaping scoop of sorrow in the season 4 finale of The Walking Dead. Will a newly reunited Glen and Maggie be torn apart by death? Would Tyreese decide that maybe he wasn’t as forgiving of Carol as he thought he was? Will Carl finally emo somebody to death! So many questions for such a small hour! Let’s get to it!

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Zombie Round Up: Us

the-walking-dead-season-4-episode-15-norman-reedusWell Evil Geeks, after an episode like last week’s, we definitely need a little bit of an emotional break.  Being this late in the season though, of course The Walking Dead isn’t going to stop bombarding us with the feels, but luckily this week we get a happy ending as opposed to the whiskey bottle draining ending that we (and Lizzy of course) met last week.  Seriously, sales of Prozac must have skyrocketed this week after that depression fest.  Onward and upward zombie heads!


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Zombie Round Up: Claimed

abraham-eugene-rosita-the-walking-dead-season-4-amcIt’s Round Up time, Evil Geeks! After last week, we now know what happened to most of the main players from the prison and at the end as a bonus treat, we got to meet some new characters.  Well, for anyone who’s read the comic they’re not ENTIRELY new. It’s Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene!  Hopefully they’ll play as large a part in the show as they have in the comic (and aside from that, it’s nice to see some new faces on the show after we lost a few back at the prison).  Of course, since things on the show don’t always stick to the story of the comics, will these new faces be friend or foe?  Let’s find out!

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Zombie Round Up: Inmates


the-walking-dead-inmates-glennWelcome back to another Zombie Round Up, Evil Geeks! Last week Rick got busy at trying to not die, Michonne occupied herself by realizing that she probably isn’t going to last long all on her own, and Carl passed the time by testing the human limit of patience with bitchy, emo, teens.  Out of the core group of survivors, we know that these three made it out of the prison alive and managed to get themselves to safety.  Could the other survivors possibly have fared as well?

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