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Your Weekend Creature Comforts: Steven Spielberg’s Aliens

The week has gone by all too quickly again, and here you find yourselves ready for yet another post by your faithful Lilith. And sure enough, this weekend’s creature comforts post is one to get all hot and bothered by. I know I’ve been on a Star Wars kick lately, specifically spending a lot of time on Tatooine, but today I am completely shifting gears and bringing you an article on quite an accumulation of amazing creatures. That’s right, I am not sticking with one species, but instead am spotlighting all the incredible aliens that the dinosaur god Steven Spielberg has ever created. So there will be quite a few aliens to talk about this week, ending with my personal favorite of this powerhouse’s monsters.

Spielberg's aliens

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Dinosaurs Eat Man…Woman Inherits the Earth: Musings On Jurassic Park (Part 2)

Welcome back! To catch up on the first part of this article, you can check it out here. If you’re ready to move on get ready because we’ve spared no expense.


Meanwhile back at the compound…

We find that Dr. Sadler was smart to abandon the group and has made it safely inside. It has become clear to Hammond, Muldoon and Mr. Arnold that Nedry’s reasons for shutting down the power are super sketch and that he will not be coming back. It’s here that we also learn that the magic word is not “Please”, as my parents had always told me. John Hammond pleads to Muldoon to go back to the now stand-still jeeps and bring his grandchildren back to safety (making no mention of his concerns about the safety of Grant or Malcolm). Muldoon and Sadler go off into the great unknown to bring everyone back. It is here that we are again reintroduced to Dennis Nedry, who has clearly never driven in the rain and unlike John Hammond, did not “spare no expense” on glasses that don’t fog up. He crashes into a post and loses his direction. He drives off a small cliff and becomes stranded. It’s here that we meet my Halloween costume dinosaur, Dilophosaurus. It’s immediately clear that Nedry has no idea what kind of crazy, mystical power this little dino can unleash. After he throws a stick at her and insults her intelligence, Dilophosaurus loses her temper. She flashes her fancy frills and spits her monster-goo at Nedry’s eyes and blinds him. We leave our dear Mr. Nedry as he is slowly and painfully being devoured by this cute little demon-beast.

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Dinosaurs Eat Man…Woman Inherits the Earth: Musings On Jurassic Park (Part 1)


For those of you that know me, it comes as no surprise to you that I have a tendency to become obsessed with things. My first real obsession came about in 1993. I was 8 years old and that obsession was Jurassic Park. I was already pretty heavily obsessed with dinosaurs at this point, so when I saw the posters and trailers for the movie, I begged my parents to let me see it. It was the first PG-13 movie that I saw in the movie theater (and probably the first PG-13 movie that I had ever seen in general).  After leaving the theater, I promptly begged my mother to take me to the local toy store so I could fill my room with Jurassic Park themed goodies. Over the next few months I spent any money that I had on acquiring more JP items. I had bed sheets, the tent, several T-shirts, pajamas (apparently they only made JP pajamas for boys, naturally curious, I questioned my mom as to why there was a hole in the crotch and that was how I learned that boys pee standing up), I even dressed up as a Dilophasaurus for Halloween that year. Then there’s my most prized possession of all of my JP merch, an item which I still own to this very day, The Jurassic Park Compound. This movie is still in my top 5 all time favorite movies. I love everything about it, the fact that the dinosaurs are robots and costumes and not CGI, the musical score (John Williams is a GENIUS), the cast, everything. That’s not to say that this movie isn’t without its faults. I recently decided to watch this movie and jot down my thoughts as I watched. This was supposed to be a short review but it turned into a play by play plot synopsis, with a smattering of my own thoughts mixed in.

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Evil Movie Reviews: Twilight Zone: The Movie

The Twilight Zone is one of my all-time favorite shows, easily in my top 5. As a kid despite it already being 30 years old at the time, it never ceased to amaze me. I couldn’t wait to watch it and get that feeling of genuinely being a bit freaked out or the twist ending I never saw coming. Over the years I was always connected to it in once capacity or another. I was pleased that as I became older and more jaded the show still seemed fresh and interesting. The concepts, the writing, the acting and the filming were all top notch.

Twilight Zone Original

It’s a show for better or worse exists in a vacuum of time. It exposed the population’s very real fear and wonder with space travel, atomic war, the unknown and the atrocities of WWII. Creepiness and general scariness sometimes played a factor but the episodes were written to make you think. Yet it still has appeal to modern audiences. The show as beloved as it was, gave birth to many copy cats and many short lived revivals that never seemed to get it right. They took the ‘idea’ of it sure, but not the psychological underpinnings that made the original work so well.

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30 Days Hath Novembeard – Day 22

Traditionally in America today is a day in which you give thanks. I am thankful for Star Wars, I always have been and I always will be. We thought it would be right on Thanksgiving to honor a self made American with a self made beard.

Mr. Lucas has been all over the news lately so what better time to honor his seemingly distinguished facial hair? Oddly enough his beard history runs parallel to his movie making career. What started as a very promising beard ended up peaking early on. In later years it began to dwindle, becoming more and more chin fat than actual facial hair.

I actually think that in the late 70s/early 80s Lucas and Speilberg were having a beard competition. Not only were their movies going head to head but so were their whiskers. I know it was the style of the time but I happen to believe for no good reason despite their friendship they had an intense rivalry about everything. What car they drove, what women they bedded, how many movies they could make with Harrison Ford etc. But what more manly way can you ask for than to have a one on one beard growing competition amongst two of the nerdiest men in America?

Now that Lucas can effectively “retire” and no longer damage the movies that we all love, perhaps we well see his beard return to its former glory…

Only time will tell.

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