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TV From The Crypts: The Jeff Corwin Experience


Hey they geeks, are you getting sick of Lilith this weekend? Ha! Like that is even possible. I have been thinking up lots of posts this week for you all and I am sure you are all now slaves to my ponderings. But I did realize I am a bit behind on my TV From The Crypts column. Yes, I still have a couple wonders to bring to you in the coming months that I have not written about yet, but some of them need to be re-watched before I can really do it justice. I can also report I just got a package with a plethora of retired TV shows to dig in to over the coming months, but this weekend I bring you one that might seem a bit out of character. I am sure you all know that I bask in everything science fiction or fantasy related, so today I bring you more of a documentary series: The Jeff Corwin Experience.

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