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Cover Of The Day 9/5/14


Welcome back to another installment of our ongoing series highlighting some of our favorite and most interesting comic book panels and covers throughout the history of the medium. Today we are highlighting Issue #2 of Stephen Mooney’s two fisted adventure miniseries, Half Past Danger. This may be the perfect blending of two of my favorite genres, both film noir and pulp. It’s a stunner full of elegenance and rage all wrapped into a deceptively simple image. We are eagerly awaiting the follow up to the original series but in the meantime there’s plenty here to keep us entertained.

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Pulp Corner: Stephen Mooney Commission

With this year’s tax return calling my name I decided it was high time to get something that I’ve always wanted, a commission done by a comic book artist. I already knew that it was going to be some kind of dark Film Noir vibe I just had to find the right person to fulfill my idea. I had to look no further than Stephen Mooney, the author and artist behind the recent IDW two fisted pulp bonanza miniseries Half Past Danger. While the series was much more of an old school Indiana Jones type of adventure rather than a dark shadowy Noir I still thought he would be able to pull it off perfectly. Better yet, Half Past Danger already contained it’s own 1940’s Femme Fatale in Agent Elizabeth Huntington Moss who could be transported seamlessly into that world. I recently received the end result and I couldn’t have been more pleased. He absolutely nailed it.


Might I detect a hint of Rita Hayworth from Gilda?

Cover Of The Day 7/7/13


How can one cover have so many ridiculously awesome things on it? I stumbled across this by accident and had to ask myself what I was looking at. An Indiana Jones pulp type character, a very 1940’s looking femme fatale, a ninja, a burning Nazi flag AND Dinosaurs? What is going on here? I didn’t know a damn thing about this comic, but you better believe I bought the first issue based on that cover alone.

Half Past Danger is a 5 issue mini series being put out by IDW, written and drawn by Stephen Mooney. If this cover excites you, do yourself a favor and pick it up. You’ll be glad you did.

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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