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New Trailers revealed at E3 2013!

Afternoon Nerds!

E3 is upon us and that means that we get to see what’s in store for our video game futures! Three trailers hit the internet yesterday that are based on successful franchises, yet offer us a new take on them, so lets take a look!


First off we have LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is based on the wildly popular LEGO franchise where we’ve seen Star Wars, Batman, Indiana Jones, and even Pirates but this time it stars the heroes and villains from the Marvel U! In the story you work with Nick Fury as he calls upon heroes to save the world from the likes of Loki, Galactus, and more! From first look it appears that it’s heavily based on the movie universe (for the Avengers at least,) but I hope that there are a bunch of different skins available so I can assemble some 60’s heroes! The LEGO games are some of my favorites so this will definitely be on the top of my birthday or christmas list this year! LEGO Marvel Super Heroes will be available for all systems later this year and you can check out the trailer right here…

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